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Begell House Inc. response to Swets Bankruptcy

Begell House Inc. will work diligently to help all institutions that have paid for their subscriptions to Begell House products through Swets & Zeitlinger Group BV, prior to their announcement on September 22, 2014, to move as seamlessly as possible in receiving their respective publications and online materials as well as help an uninterrupted renewal process.

We request that the institution simply provide Begell House Inc. with proof of payment for 2014 and or 2015 products. Some additional information may be required to secure the right shipping address and or the appropriate IP ranges.

You can also contact Meghan Rohrmann directly via email using the address to procure your renewal for 2015, if you have not already attained a replacement agency for Swets. We are happy to work with either you directly, or with your new preferred agent.

Begell House Inc.’s goal is to keep the flow of information moving for your institution, therefore keeping the spirit of Research and Discovery alive and well.

If you have any questions pertaining to the Swets situation that has not been addressed in these preceding paragraphs please feel free to contact us at