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Books Instructions

Begell House Publishers will gladly consider proposals for the publication of textbooks, monographs, and symposia in areas covered by our specialized marketing potential.

Proposals should be submitted in duplicate and will be rapidly evaluated by our reviewers, usually within 4 to 6 weeks.

The proposals are to be submitted on 8 1/2 X 11 paper (European A4 paper is also acceptable) in either hard copy form or as a pdf file attachment. They should be sent either to:

Acquisitions Editor or proposals@begellhouse.com
Begell House, Inc. Publishers
50 North Street
Danbury, CT 06810

Each proposal should contain the following:

  • Title of book, subtitle (in case of symposia, the name, place, date and organizer)
  • Name(s) of author(s) and/or editor(s) and their affiliation(s)
  • Complete Table of Contents (with authors and their affiliations in case of contributed volumes and/or symposia)
  • Introduction
  • Sample Chapter (at least one, although several sample chapters are preferred for a more thorough evaluation)

Marketing Suggestions

  • Please indicate the audience you envisage for your book, such as course names and levels for textbooks, research tools for symposia, and areas of specialization for handbooks and references.
  • Manuscripts are to be submitted in English, although some proposals in non English languages will be considered.

We look forward to your submission and promise our personal attention to your needs as an author and information provider to the engineering and science community. Do not hesitate to send us any questions which may arise in connection with the submission of your manuscript.

Preparation and Style

  • Manuscripts are to be submitted in English, although some proposals in non English languages will be considered
  • Text should be in simple, short, understandable sentences. Please avoid long, run-on presentations with many semicolons, dashes, etc.
  • Equations should be numbered sequentially within each chapter. And the English number should be visibly indicated at the end of each equation
  • Illustrations should be submitted separately (placement within text is permissible) with captions and callouts clearly indicated
  • References are to arranged at the end of each chapter. Alphabetical, chronological or numerical arrangements are permissible as long as the same the same system is used throughout the manuscript. Complete journal, book, year, etc information should be indicated for each title cited
  • Format Begell House, Inc. books are published in 3 sizes: 6 X 9 inches, 7 x 10 inches, and 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Please indicate the size you prefer. With a very few exceptions, our books are published in hard cover bindings