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S. A. Afanasyev

Institute of Hydrobiology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

Editorial Boards


Specific Features of Bivalve Distribution in the System of Heated Konin Lakes (Poland) Vol. 34 '1998 - Hydrobiological Journal
Macrophytes and the Benthic Fauna of Water Bodies in the Estuarine Region of the Vita River Vol. 38 '2002 - Hydrobiological Journal
On the Hydrobiological Regime of the Lena River Delta Vol. 38 '2002 - Hydrobiological Journal
Reaction of the Biota of Mountain Rivers to Volley Pollution Releases Vol. 39 '2003 - Hydrobiological Journal
Assessment of the State of a Small River under Conditions of Intensive Economic Activities and the Ways of Its Improvement Vol. 43 '2007 - Hydrobiological Journal
Ecological Risks Conditioned by the Spill of Sewage of the Town of Chernigov into Water Courses Vol. 44 '2008 - Hydrobiological Journal
Phytophilous Macrofauna as the Index of the Ecological State of Water Bodies of the Kiliya Delta of the Danube River Vol. 44 '2008 - Hydrobiological Journal
Development of the Hydroecological Studies in Ukraine in View of the European Water Policy Vol. 45 '2009 - Hydrobiological Journal
Biological Indication of Ecological Status of the Water Bodies within Kiev City Boundaries Vol. 46 '2010 - Hydrobiological Journal
Comprehensive Characteristics of Bottom Sediments of Water Bodies of Various Types in the Kiliya Delta of the Danube River Vol. 47 '2011 - Hydrobiological Journal
Feeding and Feeding Behavior of Invasive Fish Species in the Water Bodies of the West Polissya of Ukraine Vol. 47 '2011 - Hydrobiological Journal
Conceptual Principles of Monitoring of Biodiversity and Bioresources of the Water Bodies of the Lower Danube Vol. 48 '2012 - Hydrobiological Journal
Altitude Distribution and Structural Organization of Hydrobionts' Communities in the Rivers of the Mountainous Part of the Tisa River Basin Vol. 49 '2013 - Hydrobiological Journal
Structural Organization of Zooplankton in Transformed Small Rivers Vol. 49 '2013 - Hydrobiological Journal
Forming of Hydrobiota of the River Systems in the Territory of Ukraine in View of History of Hydrographic Net Vol. 51 '2015 - Hydrobiological Journal
Hydrobiological Characteristics and Assessment of the Ecological State of Transboundary Watercourses Located Between the Sozh and Desna Rivers Vol. 51 '2015 - Hydrobiological Journal
Dynamics of Morphobiological Characteristics of Roach of the Oleksandrivsk Reservoir after the Tashlyk Hydroaccumulative Power Station Start-up Vol. 52 '2016 - Hydrobiological Journal
Finding of Pistia stratioides in the Kaniv Reservoir (the Dnieper River, Ukraine) and Assessment of Risk of its Naturalization Vol. 52 '2016 - Hydrobiological Journal
Optimization of Hydrographic and Water-management Regionalization of Ukraine according to World Approaches and Principles of the EU Water Framework Directive Vol. 52 '2016 - Hydrobiological Journal
Assessment of Small HPPs Construction on Aquatic Fauna and Ecological State of the White Cheremosh River, International Approach Vol. 53 '2017 - Hydrobiological Journal
Distribution and Peculiarities of Biology of the Pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus (Perciformes: Centrarchidae) in the Water Bodies of Kyiv City Vol. 53 '2017 - Hydrobiological Journal
Swimming Performance of Juveniles of Some Freshwater Fishes as Index of Transition to Nekton Mode of Life Vol. 53 '2017 - Hydrobiological Journal
Diurnal Dynamics of Zoo-Drift in the Mouth Section of the Desna River Vol. 54 '2018 - Hydrobiological Journal
Influence of the Volley of Sewage on the Ecosystem of a Small Plain River Vol. 54 '2018 - Hydrobiological Journal
New Finding of Sea Zander Sander marinus (Pisces, Percidae) in the Dnieper-Bug Liman and Brief Notes on Morphology of Sympatric Species of the Genus Vol. 54 '2018 - Hydrobiological Journal
Structural Characteristics of Ichthyoplankton of the Small Regulated River in the Kyiv Polissya Vol. 54 '2018 - Hydrobiological Journal
Structure of Dominance/Diversity of Benthic Macroinveretebrate Communities in the Carpathian Rivers Vol. 55 '2019 - Hydrobiological Journal
Population Characteristics and Feeding of Roach Rutilus rutilus in Small Regulated River of the Kyiv Polissya Vol. 56 '2020 - Hydrobiological Journal
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