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Auteurs, éditeurs et examinateurs de Begell House

V. V. Grubinko

Department of General Biology and Methods of Teaching Natural Sci. Volodymyr Hnatiuk Ternopil National Pedagogical University, 2 M. Kryvonosa Str., Ternopil 46027, Ukraine


Antioxidant System Activity in Carp under the Influence of Metal Ions Vol. 35 '1999 - Hydrobiological Journal
Respiration Activity of the Green Alga Desmodesmus Communis (Hegew.) Hegew. under the Influence of the Ions of Zinc Vol. 44 '2008 - Hydrobiological Journal
Functioning of Adenosine Triphosphatases in Gills of Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) under the Impact of Oil Products Vol. 46 '2010 - Hydrobiological Journal
Role of Membrane ATP-ases in Adaptation of Aquatic Organisms to Environmental Factors (a Review) Vol. 46 '2010 - Hydrobiological Journal
Effect of Lead Ions on Functional Activity of the Diatom Mayamaea atomus Vol. 47 '2011 - Hydrobiological Journal
Metabolism of Algae under the Impact of Metal Ions of the Aquatic Medium (a Review) Vol. 47 '2011 - Hydrobiological Journal
Change of Composition of the Cellular Membranes of the Aquatic Plants under the Impact of Toxic Substances Vol. 48 '2012 - Hydrobiological Journal
Localiztion of the Lipids' Synthesis in Chorella vulgaris under the Impact of Lead and Zinc Ions and Diesel Fuel Vol. 48 '2012 - Hydrobiological Journal
Structural Changes in the Cellular Membranes of the Aquatic Plants under the Impact of Toxic Substances Vol. 48 '2012 - Hydrobiological Journal
Content of Phospholipids in Mitochondria of Cells of Hepatopancreas and Gills of Carp under the Impact of Zinc and Cadmium Vol. 49 '2013 - Hydrobiological Journal
Phospholipid Composition of Mitochondria of Gills of Pike (Esox lucius) under the Zinc Ions Impact Vol. 49 '2013 - Hydrobiological Journal
Ion Processes in the Cell Membranes of the Aquatic Plants under the Toxic Substances Impact Vol. 50 '2014 - Hydrobiological Journal
Metabolism of Nitrous Compounds in the Grass Carp under the Impact of Lead Ions and Different Temperature of the Aquatic Medium Vol. 50 '2014 - Hydrobiological Journal
Peculiarities of Selenium Accumulation and Its Biological Role in Algae (a Review) Vol. 51 '2015 - Hydrobiological Journal
Structural Modifications in Cell Membranes of Lemna minor from the Zbruch River (Ukraine) as Indicator of Pollution by Heavy Metals Vol. 51 '2015 - Hydrobiological Journal
Role of Phospholipids of Fish Gills in Forming of Toxic Resistance to Cadmium Ions Vol. 52 '2016 - Hydrobiological Journal
Accumulation of Chromium and Selenium inside Cells and in Lipids of Chlorella vulgaris Beij. during the Incubation from Chromium by Sodium Chloride and Selenium Vol. 19 '2017 - International Journal on Algae
The Content of Pigments and Photosynthetic Activity of Chlorella vulgaris Beij. (Chlorophyta) When Exposed to Sodium Selenite, Zinc Sulphate, and Chromium Chloride Vol. 21 '2019 - International Journal on Algae