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Dynamics of  Two-Phase Flows

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Dynamics of Two-Phase Flows


These proceedings of the third Japan-U.S. Seminar on Two-Phase Flow Dynamics, held in Ohtsu, Japan in July 1988, feature a broad review of the status of research relating to two-phase flow dynamics both with and without phase change. The papers cover fundamental equations and closure laws, flow regime modeling and dynamics, phase separation and distribution phenomena, wave and shock phenomena and critical flows, and forced convective and post-dryout heat transfer.

772 pages, © 1992

Table des matières:

Fundamental Equations and Closure Law
Discrete Modeling Considerations in Multiphase Fluid Dynamics
Closure Problems and Basic Equations for Correlation Functions in Two-Phase Flow
Some Tests of Two-Fluid Models for Two-Phase Flow
Estimation of Volumetric Fractions of Each Phase in Gas-Liquid-Solid Three-Phase Slug Flow in Vertical Pipes
Flow Regime Modeling and Dynamics
Experimental Study on the Vibration Force of a Two-Phase Impingement Jet
Fundamental Study of Interfacial Waves in Stratified Flow
A Study of Air-Water Flow in a Narrow Rectangular Duct Using an Image Processing Technique
The Effect of a Flat-Plate-Type Obstacle on a Thin Liquid Film Flow
Disturbance Wave in Boiling Flow
Two-Equation Turbulence Modeling of an Upper-Plenum Water Pool above a Horizontal Perforated Plate with Steam Condensation
Bubble Coalescence and Transition from Wall Void Peaking to Core Void Peaking in Turbulent Bubbly Flow
Phase Separation and Distribution Phenomena
Effects of Droplet-Size Distribution and Flow-Blockage upon Inertia Collection of Droplets by Horizontal Cylinders in Downward Flow of Gas-Liquid Mist
Void Fraction Distribution in Two-Phase Single-Component Condensing Flow
Countercurrent Gas-Liquid Flow in a Boiling Water Reactor Core during Postulated Loss-of-Coolant Accidents
The Analysis of Phase Separation Phenomena in Branching Conduits
Role of Bubble Behavior in Turbulence Structure of Vertical Bubbly Flow-Simultaneous Measurement of Bubble Size, Bubble Velocity and Liquid Velocity Using Phase Doppler Method
Characteristic Structure of Upward Bubble Flow
Bubble Size Effect on Phase Distribution
Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Flow Distributions in Multiple Channels
Measurement of Phase Distribution Phenomena in High Pressure Steam-Water Two Phase Flow
Wave and Shock Phenomena and Critical Flow
Flow Pattern Transition Due to Instability of Voidage Wave
An Analysis of Wave Propagation Phenomena in Two-Phase Flow
Stability of Numerical Analysis on Void Waves in Stratified Two-Phase Flow
Flow Instabilities in Parallel Channels with Nucleate Boiling and Film Boiling
Heating Limits and Instability of Downward Two-Phase Flow.
A Study on Critical Two-Phase Flow through a Labyrinth
Critical Flashing Flow in Pipes and Cracks
Nucleation and Flashing of Initially Subcooled Liquids in Nozzles: 1. A Distributed Nucleation Model
Nucleation and Flashing of Initially Subcooled Liquids Flowing in Nozzles: 2. Comparison with Experiments Using a 5-Equation Model for Vapor Void Developmen
Forced Convective and Post-Dryout Heat Transfer
An Analogy between Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Forced Convective Boiling Flow
Critical Heat Flux and Flow Characteristics of Subcooled Flow Boiling with Water in Narrow Tubes
Interfacial Instability and Modeling of Wave Effect on Heat Transfer in Annular Two-Phase Flow
Critical Power Characteristics in a Rod Bundle with Narrow Gap
Thermo-Hydraulic Behavior of Inverted Annular Flow (Effects of Flow Direction and Channel Diameter)