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Energy and Environment, 1995

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JunGeng Tong
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

ShiTong Xi
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


Shanghai is the biggest city and one of the economic centers of China. In recent years Shanghai's economy has been developing in high rate, but the economy growing of Shanghai is supported by the great amount of energy inpouring and there is no trace which shows it will be changed of in the last decade of this century. Burning of such huge amount of low quality coal results in serious atmosphere pollution in Shanghai. Data collected from 745 enterprises was analyzed and used as the base of our model and a layer-grid-box model was used in the study to calculate SO2 concentration distribution in Shanghai. The results show although it is one of the effective ways to prevent atmosphere to be polluted more seriously to rationalize Shanghai's economy structure; the key is to reform the energy resources supply, especially to replace coal with low sulphur content petroleum and natural gas imported, we could expect in 2000 SO2 concentration in atmosphere will be the same level as it was in 1989.