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Energy and the Environment, 1998

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Global Nuclear Power Development and Impact on Environment

Sadik Kakac
Department of Mechanical Engineering,TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara-Turkey; and LIPING CAO, Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC, PA; and Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Miami, Florida - USA

Pierre Forges
University of Miami - Department of Mechanical Engineering Coral Gables, Florida 33124 - USA


This paper describes the current situation of the nuclear power enterprise worldwide, discusses benefits of nuclear power, electricity demand and nuclear energy, nuclear waste disposal and the impact of nuclear energy on the environment. Nuclear power in Eastern Europe, the current situation, and concerns about the safe operation of these reactors are also discussed. Trends in nuclear technology innovation, advanced nuclear power plants, including strenghs and weaknesses of current efforts will be indicated and the economics of nuclear plants is discussed. A perspective of important factors likely to affect the future use of nuclear power, including concern about the possibility of significant global warming, is provided. General thoughts on the role of nuclear power during the next fifty years, and implications of discontinuing use of nuclear power, are also mentioned.