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Electrolytes: Transport Phenomena

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Electrolytes: Transport Phenomena

G. G. Aseyev
Kharkiv State Institude of Culture, Kharkiv, Ukraine


This book is another in a series of works by the author dealing with studies, representation, and methods of calculation of physicochemical properties of binary and multicomponent electrolyte solutions. A vast amount of data is presented here that will be invaluable to scientific workers and engineers in the chemical and allied industries. Tables of experimental data on dynamic and kinematic viscosities and diffusion coefficients are given for a wide range of mass contents of electrolytes in aqueous solutions and for wide temperature and pressure ranges. Coefficients for calculation of many electrolytes, obtained as a result of mathematical processing of experimental data by the methods of regression analysis, are presented.

549 pages, © 1998

Table des matières:

I Part
1.1 Calculation of the Electrical Conductivity of Multicomponent Solutions of Electrolytes
1.2 Calculation of the Electrical Conductivity of Binary Solutions of Electrolytes
Tables to Part I
II Part
List of Tables of Experimental Transport Properties of Electrolytes
Tables of Experimental Values of Solution Properties