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Transferts de chaleur et dispersion -扩散传热

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Transferts de chaleur et dispersion -扩散传热


The book presents methods developed for engineering solutions of the multiple problems in heat and mass transfer and electrical discharge in heterogeneous and multiphase media of different structure and different conditions. The transport phenomena in chemical phase transitions are presented in a manner applicable to the chemical, mining, metallurgical, energy generation, and other widely used technological fields.

275 pages, © 2005

Table des matières:

I Heat Transfer Equations
I.1 Equations of the Two-Temperature Model
I.2 Heat Transfer in Systems with Perceptible Thermal Inertia of the Solid Phase
I.3 Configuration Ensembles of Particles of a Granular System
I.4 The Phase Means and Their Properties
I.5 Fluctuations of Functions about Their Mean Values
I.6 Derivation of Equations of the Two-Temperature Model
II Attaining Closure of the Equations of Heat Transfer
II.1 Steady-State Transfer of Heat in a Low-Concentration Disperse System
II.2 Hierarchy of Heat Transfer Equations and the Group-Expansions Technique
II.3 The Self-Consistent Model and the Multipole Expansions
II.4 The Problem of the Test Particle
II.5 The Conditional Concentration of the Dispersed Phase near the Test Particle
III The Effective Steady-State Thermal Conductivity
III.1 Adaptation of Elementary Models
III.2 Conductivity of Materials with Spherical Particles
III.3 Conductivity of Materials with Ellipsoidal Particles
III.4 Effect of Macroscopic Inhomogeneity
III.5 Thermal Conductivity of Gas Dispersions
IV Contact Conductivity
IV.1 Skeleton Conductivity of a Quiescent Granular Bed
IV.2 Contact Conductivity in a System of Fluctuating Particles
IV.3 Steady-State Thermal Conductivity of a Granular Bed of Contacting Particles
IV.4 Effect of Particle Roughness and of Surface Conductivity
IV.5 Certain Features of Contact Conductivity
V Transient Heat Conduction
V.1 Heating of a Granular Bed by a Solid Wall
V.2 The Method of Equivalent Equations
V.3 Reducing the Two-Temperature Model to an Equivalent Equation
V.4 Relaxation Effects Caused by Interphase Heat Transfer
V.5 Transient Transfer with Allowance for Relaxation and Dispersion
VI Potential for Extending the Theory
VI.1 Equation of Mass Transfer in a Dispersion with Heterogeneous Transformations
VI.2 Mass Transfer with Absorption on Particles
VI.3 Effect of Variation in Particle Dimensions
VI.4 Macrokinetics of Diffusion Transformation in a Metal with Foreign-Phase Inclusions
VI.5 Diffusion Transport in Materials with Traps
VI.6 High-Frequency Dispersion of Electromagnetic Waves in Heterogeneous Media
List of Symbols