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Advances in Molten Salts

1-56700-142-4 (Imprimer)

Electrochemical behaviour of copper ions in molten equimolar CaCb-NaCl mixture at 550°C

R. Pardo
Dpto. de Ouimica Analitica, Facultad de Ciencias. Universidad de Valladolid, Prado de la Magdalena s n 47005 Valladolid Spain.


The electrochemical behaviour of copper chlorides in the fused CaCb-NaCl equimolar mixture was studied at 550°C using metal electrodes (W and Mo), glassy carbon electrodes (GC) and a n-type semiconducting Sn02 electrode The kinetic parameters of the electrochemical systems using different electrodes have been determined, as well as the diffusion coefficient of Cu(I) ions. We have also studied the copper electrodeposition process by potential step measurementes, which indicated instantaneous nucleation of copper at GC substrates.