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TsAGI Science Journal

ISSN Imprimer: 1948-2590
ISSN En ligne: 1948-2604

TsAGI Science Journal

Editor-in-Chief: Sergei Leonidovich Chernyshev

Associate Editor: Ivan Vladimirovich Egorov

International Executive Editorial Advisors: M. de Gliniasty, C. W. Kauffman, Jurgen Quest, Gu Songfen, Shinji Suzuki

Objectifs et champs d'application

TsAGI Science Journal is a bimonthly periodical publication from the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named Prof. N.E. Zhukovsky.
This journal publishes scholarly work submitted by the staff at TsAGI and from other organizations in the areas of mechanics and control processes in the framework of fundamental problems and problems in the progress of aviation and cosmonautics, industrial aerodynamic, and hydrodynamics of rapid motion. One of the main undertakings for the present edition of the journal is the publication of methods which can be the basics for effective engineering computation and design. Essential topics for this journal are physical and mathematical modeling of real processes, numerical methods and algorithms, and optimization problems. Manuscripts can also relate to corresponding problems in aerodynamic as well as hydrodynamics of high-speed motion, problems of flight mechanics and fluid mechanics, plasma mechanics, deformation mechanics, stability, vibration of bodies and constructions under various influences such as aerohydrodynamic, thermal, and others.
TsAGI Science Journal is intended to be of interest and use to scientists and engineers.