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International Journal of Physiology and Pathophysiology
SJR: 0.116

ISSN Imprimer: 2155-014X
ISSN En ligne: 2155-0158

Archives: Volume 1, 2010 to Volume 9, 2018

International Journal of Physiology and Pathophysiology

Editor-in-Chief: Vadim F. Sagach

Objectifs et champs d'application

International Journal of Physiology and Pathophysiology is focused on publishing of original papers in physiology, pathophysiology and experimental medicine. Review articles are published by recognized experts on topics of current interest as well as medical hypothesis, letters and meeting reports. The journal will consist partly of English versions of the best works of Ukrainian researchers from Fiziologichnyi Zhurnal. The main aim of the Journal is to provide rapid dissemination of novel scientific data and to engage clinical practitioners in advanced basic science.

La plupart des articles téléchargés

Serum Levels of Endothelial Monocyte-Activating Polypeptide-II in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Liliya A. Mogylnytska

The Role of Calcium Uniporter in Calcium Homeostasis of Extraorbital Lacrimal Gland Secretory Cells
Anna B. Kotliarova, Volodymyr M. Merlavsky, Olga M. Dorosh, Volodymyr V. Manko

Mechanisms of Nephrotoxicity of Novel Anticancer Compound Maleimide Derivative MI-1
Iryna V. Kharchuk, Olena Andrukhova, Volodymyr K. Rybalchenko, Oleg Andrukhov

Evaluation of Biological Effects and Possible Mechanisms of Static Magnetic Field Action
Vasyl F. Chekhun, Dmytro V. Demash, Lesia A. Naleskina

Protective Effect of Water-Soluble Pristine C60 Fullerene in Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury of Skeletal Muscle
Dmytro N. Nozdrenko, Yuriy I. Prylutskyy, Uwe Ritter, Peter Scharff

Ionic Mechanisms of Carbon Monoxide Action on the Contractile Properties of the Vascular Smooth Muscles
Mikhail B. Baskakov, Anastasia S. Zheludeva, Svetlana V. Gusakova, Ludmila V. Smagly, Alexander N. Aleinik, Petro I. Yanchuk, Mikhail A. Medvedev, Sergei N. Orlov