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Catalysis in Green Chemistry and Engineering

ISSN Print: 2572-9896

ISSN Online: 2572-990X

H-Index: 2

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Aims and Scope

Catalysis in Green Chemistry and Engineering (CGCE) aims to publish original research articles, review articles, mini-reviews, book reviews, short communications, and reviews on recent patents in catalysis. CGCE will consider topics related to the use of catalyst in green process and sustainable engineering, especially related catalyst synthesis, characterization and its applications. The ultimate aim is to reduce waste associated with use of materials and energy in a given process in consonance with principles of Green Chemistry and Engineering. The authors must give justification for their manuscripts and its relevance to the scope of the journal. CGCE is a continuation of the Bulletin of the Catalysis Society of India which has been published since 1992.
Any topics mentioned below will be considered for possible publication in CGCE.
All aspects of homogeneous, heterogeneous and biocatalysis, air pollution technologies, algal based technologies, biomass conversion, bioprocess engineering, catalyst deactivation, catalyst preparation and characterization, catalytic membrane reactors, catalytic microreactors, catalytic reaction engineering and scale up, chiral chemistry, co2 conversion into chemicals, fuels and energy, computational aspects in catalysis, dyestuff technology, electro catalysis, energy, environmental catalysis, enzyme, fermentation processes, fertilizer production, fine chemicals, fine chemicals, Fischer Tropsch synthesis, flow chemistry, food and flavor industry, Friedel-Crafts reactions, fuel cells, hydrogen generation, hydrogenation, nanomaterials, new catalytic routes and processes, Oleochemicals, organic process development using catalysis, organo-catalysis, oxidation, pharmaceutical industry, photocatalysis, pigments, polymers, process intensification, redox materials, refinery processes, solid acids, solid bases, surfactants, wastes water treatment, waste to wealth, and water.
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