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Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer

ISSN Print: 2169-2785

ISSN Online: 2167-857X

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Aims and Scope

Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer aims to serve as a forum to advance understanding of fundamental and applied areas on interfacial phenomena, fluid flow, and heat transfer through interdisciplinary research. The special feature of the journal is to highlight multi-scale phenomena involved in physical and/or chemical behaviors in the context of both classical and new unsolved problems of thermal physics, fluid mechanics, colloid and surface chemistry, nanotechnology, and interfacial phenomena. This goal is fulfilled by publishing novel research on experimental, theoretical and computational methods, assigning priority to comprehensive works covering at least two of the above three approaches. The scope of the journal covers interdisciplinary areas of physics of fluids, heat and mass transfer, physical chemistry and engineering in macro-, meso-, micro-, and nano-scale. As such, review papers and full-length articles are sought in the following areas: intense heat and mass transfer systems; flows in channels and complex fluid systems; physics of contact line, wetting, superhydrophobic surfaces and thermocapillary flows; instabilities and flow patterns; two-phase systems behavior including films, drops, rivulets, spray, jets, aerosols, clusters and bubbles; phase change phenomena such as boiling, evaporation, condensation and solidification; multi-scaled textured, soft or heterogeneous surfaces; gravity dependent phenomena, e.g. processes in micro- and hyper-gravity; phenomena in stratified fluids separated by interfaces including Rayleigh-Taylor, Kelvin-Helmholtz and Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilities; the flow near elastic walls and membranes; obtaining pure and desalinated water; concentration fronts, solidification fronts; nanoengineered surfaces and novel materials including 2D systems and nanotubes; thermal interface materials; and matter behavior under high-power energy fluxes, applications to high-heat-flux single- and two-phase cooling systems for microelectronics including vapor chambers, thermosyphons, and various types of heat pipes. The journal may also consider significant contributions related to the development of innovative experimental techniques, and instrumentation demonstrating advancement of science in the focus areas of this journal.
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