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Plasma Medicine
Editor-in-Chief: Satoshi Hamaguchi
Associate Editor: Gregory Fridman

ISSN Print: 1947-5764

ISSN Online: 1947-5772

SJR: 0.271 SNIP: 0.351 CiteScore™:: 2 H-Index: 19

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Aims and Scope

Technology has always played an important role in medicine and there are many journals today devoted to medical applications of ionizing radiation, lasers, ultrasound, magnetic resonance and others. Plasma technology is a relative newcomer to the field of medicine. Experimental work conducted at several major universities, research centers and companies around the world over the recent decade demonstrates that plasma can be used in variety of medical applications. It is already widely used surgeries and endoscopic procedures. It has been shown to control properties of cellular and tissue matrices, including biocompatibility of various substrates. Non-thermal plasma has been demonstrated to deactivate dangerous pathogens and to stop bleeding without damaging healthy tissue. It can be used to promote wound healing and to treat cancer. Understanding of various mechanisms by which plasma can interact with living systems, including effects of reactive oxygen species, reactive nitrogen species and charges, has begun to emerge recently. The aim of the Plasma Medicine journal will be to provide a forum where the above topics as well as topics closely related to them can be presented and discussed. Existing journals on plasma science and technology are aimed for audiences with primarily engineering and science background. The field of Plasma Medicine, on the other hand, is highly interdisciplinary. Some of prospective readers and contributors of the Plasma Medicine journal are expected to have background in medicine and biology. Others might be more familiar with plasma science. The goal of the proposed Plasma Medicine journal is to bridge the gap between audiences with such different backgrounds, without sacrificing the quality of the papers be their emphasis on medicine, biology or plasma science and technology.

PMED Special Issue: Plasma Processing for Redox Bio-Medicine

Guest Editors

Eloisa Sardella

National Research Council-Institute of Nanotechnology (CNR-NANOTEC)

Roberto Gristina

National Research Council-Institute of Nanotechnology (CNR-NANOTEC)

Cristina Canal

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Technical University of Catalonia

Submission Deadline:

February 28, 2023

Recent advances in plasma medicine have demonstrated that exogenous reactive oxygen and/or nitrogen species (RONS) produced by plasma can modulate defined cell responses to improve tissue engineering, cancer eradication, wound healing, and disinfection. With the availability of optimized formulations of plasma-produced RONS and coordinated efforts from academia and industry scientists, unambiguous validation and translation into proof-of-principle studies seem achievable very soon, possibly leading towards a new era of redox biology and medicine assisted by plasma. Fields of application range from food processing, agriculture, air disinfection, and medicine.

This issue aims to collect recent advances in:
-chemical characterization of environments containing plasma-produced RONS (gases, liquids or hydrogels);
-understanding the biological mechanisms of action of plasma-produced RONS toward both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells for a specific application;
-engineering plasma sources to deliver controlled amounts and typologies of RONS.

The use of plasma processing for producing materials able to alter oxidative stress of cells is also encouraged.

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Call for Papers: Special Issue: Plasma Systems for Biological and Environmental Applications

Guest Editors

Michael Keidar and Satoshi Hamaguchi

The advancement of plasma technologies has accelerated a wide range of applications of material synthesis, surface functionalization, liquid and gas treatment to the areas of medicine, biology, and environmental protection. This special issue showcases the development of such new plasma technologies for medical, biological, and environmental applications.

Characterization, diagnostics, and modeling of atmospheric-pressure plasmas and low-pressure plasmas as well as films and surfaces deposited or modified by such plasmas are some examples of the topics covered by this special issue.

Submission Deadline
April 28, 2023

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