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Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems

ISBN 印刷: 89-950039-2-8

Interest and activity in research and development in the fields of atomization and sprays are increasing dramatically. At this conference, 170 abstracts were submitted from 20 different countries, collecting important research in basic atomization, fuel injection, measurement techniques, modeling of sprays, twin-fluid atomization, process/industry applications, spray combustion, and other areas of interest.


LDA Based Optical Particle Sizing of Spherical and Irregular Shape Masanobu Maeda, Hiroshi Morikita pages 3-21
Detennining Factor for the Atomization of a High-Speed Liquid Jet Takao Karasawa, Masaki Tanaka, Seiichi Sidga, Hisao Nakamura pages 31-38
The Effect of Gas Property on Atomization Features of Dissolved Gas Jet Shao Yiming, Huang Zhen, Seiichi Sidga, Hisao Nakamura, Takao Karasawa pages 39-45
Behavior of Fuel Film on a Wall at Fuel Spray Impinging Kiyomi Kawamura, Akinori Saito pages 54-61
Black Liquor Sheet Breakup Mechanisms and the Effect on Drop Size Ari Kankkunen, Karel Nieminen pages 62-69
Experimental Study of the Near Field of a Breaking Liquid Sheet Antonio Lozano, Felix Barreras, Alexander J. Yates, Jose Ignacio Garcia-Palacin, Nieves Andres pages 78-85
Atomization Characteristics of Swirled Annular Liquid Sheets K. Ramamurthi, T. John Tharakan pages 86-93
Study on the Disintegration of Thin Liquid Sheets Y. Fujimoto, A. Mori, N. Katsuragawa, N. Tokuoka pages 94-101
Detennination of Instability Scales on a Liquid Jet through an Image Analysis Method Sylvere Adeline, Jean-Bernard Blaisot, S. Belaid, M. Ledoux pages 102-109
Hydrodynamic Instability of Axisymmetrical Liquid Sheets Grigory M. Sisoev, V.Ya. Shkadov, V.E. Epikhin pages 110-116
Use of the Theory of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems to Study the Growth of Perturbations in an Excited Water Jet J. Godelle, C. Letellier, G. Gouesbet, J. N. Le Toulouzan, Gerard Grehan, Christophe Dumouchel, S. Leroux, Jean-Bernard Blaisot, M. Ledoux pages 117-124
Experimental Investigation of a Polydispersed Water Spray Impinging on a Conical Surface C. Ghielmetti, Marco Marengo, Chr. Mundo, Cameron Tropea pages 125-132
2MW Diesel Fuel Oil & Water Spray Characteristics - a Comparison Colin J. Bates, A. J. Jolly pages 133-140
Improvement of Spray Characteristics in N2 Gas and Liquefied CO2 Dissolved Diesel Fuel Jiro Senda, I. Shibata, T. Asai, Hajime Fujimoto pages 141-148
Spray Charateristics of Non-Reacting Diesel Fuel Spray by Experiments and Simulations with KIVA II Code Jiro Senda, T. Dan, S. Takagishi, T. Kanda, Hajime Fujimoto pages 149-156
Characteristics of the Internal Flow in a Diesel Injection Nozzle J. H. Kim, Keiya Nishida, H. Hiroyasu pages 175-182
Effects of Fuel Viscosity and Ambient Temperature on Spray Characteristics from Multi-Hole Nozzle Injectors T. F. Su, J. M. Kozma, C. B. Warrick, Patrick V. Farrell pages 183-190
Characterization of Cavitation Flow in a Simple Hole Nozzle Keiya Nishida, Steven L. Ceccio, Dennis N. Assanis, Nobushige Tamaki, H. Hiroyasu pages 207-214
Effect of Pressure Ratio on the Growth Charateristics of Impinging Diesel Sprays Keun-Jong Cha, Keung-Il Se, Duck-Jool Kim pages 223-230
Spray Characteristics of an Impinged Diesel Fuel Spray S.P. Mislevy, Patrick V. Farrell pages 231-238
Disintegration of Annular Liquid Sheet with Core Air Flow - Mode Classification Chul Jin Choi, Sang Yong Lee, Si Hong Song pages 255-261
Prediction of Required Pressure for Flow Rate of Internal Twin Fluid Atomizers Takashi Sakai, K. Kobayashi, Masayuki Sato pages 278-285
Cross-Sectional Spray Patternation of an Airblast-Atomized Liquid Jet Injected into a Crossflow May Leong, Vincent G. McDonell, G. Scott Samuelsen, Sangmin Choi, Donghoon Shin pages 294-301
Distributions and Collisions of Sprays in an Airblast Planar Injector Muh-Rong Wang, M.S. Sheu, Wei-Hsiang Lai pages 302-309
Spray Characteristics of Y-Jet-Type Airblast Atomizer Embedding Fluid Amplifier Masatoshi Daikoku, Sh. Tanno, Takao Inamura pages 318-325
Unsteady Breakup of Liquid Jets in Coaxial Airblast Atomisers Yannis Hardalupas, R.-F. Tsai, Jim H. Whitelaw pages 326-333
The Gas-Flowfield in the Atomization Region of a Free-Fall-Atomizer Udo Fritsching, Ulrich Heck, Klaus Bauckhage pages 334-341
The Break-up Length of Laminar Cylindrical Liquid Jets. Modification of Weber's Theory S. Leroux, Christophe Dumouchel, M. Ledoux pages 353-360
Frequency Analysis of Disintegrating Liquid Column Kenji Amagai, Masataka Arai pages 361-368
A Parametric Study on the Utilization of Gas Dissolution Effect in Steady Sprays Seiichi Shiga, Satoru Makita, Takao Karasawa, Hisao Nakamura pages 369-376
Active Instability Suppression Using Vortex-Droplet Interaction Ken H. Yu, K. J. Wilson, Klaus C. Schadow pages 377-384
An Experimental Study on Droplet Interactions Gerard La VERGNE, O. Adam, J.F. Virepinte, Y. Biscos pages 393-400
The Effect of Manifold Cross-Flow on the Discharge Coefficient of Sharp-Edged Orifices P. A. Strakey, K. M. Olson, Douglas Talley pages 401-408
Turbulence Modulation in a Simplex Spray Wei-Hsiang Lai, Muh-Rong Wang, D.Y. Huang pages 409-416
Effects of the Internal Flow in a Nozzle Hole on the Breakup Processes of a Liquid Jet Nobushige Tamaki, Keiya Nishida, H. Hiroyasu, M. Shimizu pages 417-424
Experiments on the Structure of Twin Overlapping Spray from Two Pressurized-Type Swirl Nozzles Jongsoo Jurng, Chan Woo Park, Chan Bum Park, Kyungsu Im pages 433-439
Experimental Investigation of Polydisperse Spray Interaction Günter Brenn, A. Selbach pages 448-455
Experimental and Numerical Study on Spray Flows in Confined Jets Heung Shin JEON, Takao Inamura pages 456-465
Swirl Chamber Design Using Spray Impaction on a Glow Plug Kweonha Park, T.L. Park, R.H. Cho, Duck-Jool Kim pages 466-473
Internal Structure of Vaporizing Pressure-Swirl Fuel Sprays Zhiyu Han, Rolf D. Reitz pages 474-481
Characterization of Port Fuel Injection Sprays Michael Wensing, K.-U. Munch, Alfred Leipertz pages 482-489
Characterization of Direct-Injection Gasoline Sprays under Different Ambient and Fuel Injection Conditions J.-H. Yoo, Fu-Quan Zhao, Yi Liu, Ming-Chia Lai, Ki-Sang Lee pages 498-505
Spray Break-Up Process of Diesel Fuel Investigated Close to the Nozzle A. Fath, K.-U. Munch, Alfred Leipertz pages 513-520
Experimental Investigation of a LOX Spray under Hot Fire Conditions Pierre GICQUEL, Estelle BRISSON, Lucien VINGERT pages 521-528
Initial Atomization of an Intermittent Spray from a Diesel Nozzle Hideo Takahashi, Michikata Kono, Hiroki Yanagisawa, Seiichi Shiga, Takao Karasawa, Hisao Nakamura pages 529-536
Image Analysis of a Diesel Spray Impinging on a Wall Takumi Ebara, Kenji Amagai, Masataka Arai pages 537-544
Spray Trajectories of Liquid Fuel Jets in Subsonic Crossflows Pei-Kuan Wu, Kevin A. Kirkendall, Raymond P. Fuller, Mark R. Gruber, Abdollah S. Nejad pages 545-552
Spray Characteristics of an Intermittent Air-Assisted Fuel Injector Changsoo S. Jang, Sung-Soo Kim pages 553-560
Liquid Core Characterisation of Coaxial Liquid Oxygen/Inert Gas Jets Jean-Louis Carreau, E. Porcheron, D. Le Visage, L. Prevost, Francis Roger pages 561-568
Fuel Droplet Dynamics and Dispersion of Practical Twin-Fluid Atomizer for Oil Furnace Yuji Ikeda, Nobutaka Tsuchimoto, Nobuyuki Kawahara, Tsuyoshi Nakajima pages 569-576
Heat Transfer in the Acoustic Field of an Ultrasonic Atomizer Volker Uhlenwinkel, Rongxiang Meng, Klaus Bauckhage pages 577-584
Development of a Multi-Aperture-Membrane Ultrasonic Atomizer Haruo Uchiyama, Masanori Jyumonji pages 585-592
Characterization of Sprays Produced by Low Frequency Ultrasonic Atomizers Jean Cousin, Christophe Dumouchel, Daniel Sindayihebura pages 593-600
Atomization of Magnetic Fluid Jets Seiichi Sudo, Masahiro Yamahe, Hiroyuki Hashimoto, Kazunari Katagiri pages 609-616
Performance Data of an Electrostatic Atomizer for Highly Resistive Liquids John S. Shrimpton, Andrew J. Yule, A. Paul Watkins pages 625-632
Prediction of the Effect of Electrostatic Charging on Spray Characteristics M. M. Elkotb, H. El-Ghazaly, H. A. EI-Salmawy, H. Abdel-Hameed pages 633-640
Spray Characterization Using a Planar Droplet Sizing Technique S.V. Sankar, K.E. Maher, D.M. Robart, William D. Bachalo pages 649-656
Equivalence Ratio Measurements in Vaporized Fuel Spray Using Laser Raman Scattering Seong-Ho Jin, Kyoungsuk Park, Gyungsoo Kim pages 665-670
The Point-Particle/Continuum-Field Theory of Spray Flows Christopher F. Edwards pages 673-681
Determination of the Optimum Droplet Size and Operation Condition for Minimum Drift Joong-yong Rhee, Jeong-soo Park, Loren E. Bode pages 682-689
Droplet Size Distribution of Air-Carrier Sprayer for Orchard S.H. Park, G.P. Ko, Soo-Young No pages 690-697
On the Atomization Characteristics of Twin Fluid Nozzles for Cold Fog Machine (I) Myung-gyu Kim, Young-bong Min, Sung-dong Moon pages 706-713
Atomization Characteristics of Liquefied n-Butane Spray with Flash Boiling Phenomena Hajime Fujimoto, Yoshiaki Iwami, Jiro Senda pages 714-721
Experimental Study of Evaporation of a Liquid Drop Containing Alumina Particles Izumi Taniguchi, Naohiko Maeda, Koichi Asano pages 722-729
Vortex Atomizer of Rigid Particles V.K. Akhmetov, V.Ya. Shkadov pages 765-771
Metal Solidification during Spray Farming Udo Fritsching, D. Bergmann, Klaus Bauckhage pages 772-779
Investigation of Droplet Drying Characteristics Using an Acoustic-Aerodynamic Levitator Günter Brenn, Dirk Rensink, Cameron Tropea, Alexander L. Yarin pages 780-787
Numerical Study of Liquid Fuel Spray Characteristics Zhengbai Liu, Yifan Liu, Motohiko Arai, Tomio Obokata, Rolf D. Reitz pages 804-811
Direct Simulation of Spray Formation Stephane Zaleski, Jie LI pages 812-819
A Turbulent, Transient Charged Spray Model John S. Shrimpton, A. Paul Watkins, Andrew J. Yule pages 820-827
Modelling of Electrohydrodynamic Processes within a Charge Injected Fuel Spray Nozzle Z. Djuric, Wamadeva BALACHANDRAN, C. W. Wilson pages 844-851
Lagrangian Transport Equation of Fluctuating Kinetic Energy in the Dispersed Phase Keh-Chin Chang, Wen-Jing Wu, Jinn-Cherng Yang pages 860-867
Computational Analysis of Swirl Atomizer Internal Flow John Joss Chinn, Andrew J. Yule pages 868-875
Characterisation of the pMDI Spray Using Numerical Methods C.A. Dunbar, A.P. Watkins, J.F. Miller pages 876-883
Combustion of an Array of Fuel Droplets - A Theoretical Analysis P. Balakrishnan, Thirumalachari Sundararajan, R. Natarajan pages 893-901
Interface Capturing and Universal Treatment of Solid, Liquid and Gas by CIP Method Takashi Yabe, Sang-Ryoul Lee, Pei-Yuan Wang, Yan Zhang pages 902-909
Droplet Size Measurements in a Diesel Fuel Spray Using a Planer Laser Induced Fluorescence Method Naoya Ishikawa, Keiichi Niimura, Kinji Tsujimura pages 926-933
Time Dividing Analysis of Intermittent Fuel Spray Flows Measured by PDA Tsuneaki Ishima, Wu-Qiang Long, Tomio Obokata pages 950-957
Characterization of Liquid-Liquid Mixing in Sprays Using Rainbow Refractometry S.V. Sankar, D.M. Robart, William D. Bachalo pages 958-966
Set-up Parameter Optimization of Phase Doppler Technique for Spray Measurement Yuji Ikeda, Fukashi SEKIHARA, Tsuyoshi Nakajima pages 983-990
On-Line Process Control in Melt Spraying Using Phase - Doppler Anemometry Joachim Domnick, J. Raimann, G. Wolf, Alain Berlemont, M.-S. Cabot pages 999-1006
Control of Transient Injection and Fast Spray Dynamics Murad Ismailov, Tsuneaki Ishima, Tomio Obokata, Masayoshi Tsukagoshi, Kazurnitsu Kobayashi pages 1015-1022
Critical Conditions for Single Droplets Ignition and Combustion Igor G. Assovskiy, Kim Yoo, V. I. Kolesnikov-Svinarev, G. P. Kuznetsov pages 1023-1033
Introduction to Aerosol Dynamics K.W. Lee, S.H. Park, E. Otto, H. Fissan pages 1037-1044
Analysis of Production Process of Oxidized Metallic Powder (Preparation of Cerium Dioxide Particles by Spray Pyrolysis Method) H. Sano, M. Kobayashi, N. Torii, T. Koyama, N. Tokuoka, A. Todokoro, Y. Takahashi, K. Kawase pages 1045-1052
Numerical and Experimental Investigations of the Spray Coating Process Joachim Domnick, A. Lindenthal, M. Ruger, Martin Sommerfeld pages 1053-1060
Spray Coating of Solid Particles: Process Optimization Using Numerical Calculations A. Mai, Gangolf Kohnen, Martin Sommerfeld pages 1061-1068
Theory of the Film Coating by Entrainment and Displacement for High Capillary Number Values V.Ya. Shkadov, V.P. Shkadova, A.E. Koulago pages 1069-1073
Flow Characteristics in the Double Coaxial Pipe Jets Bong-Hwan Kim, Jong-Il Park, Kyung-Hoon Kim, Young-Gil Song pages 1074-1081
Observation of Droplet Cluster Behaviors in a Premixed-Spray Flame by Laser Tomography Shohji Tsushima, Fumiteru Akamatsu, Masashi Katsuki, Seiji Yamamoto pages 1082-1089
Sooting in Microgravity Droplet Combustion Kyeong-Qok Lee, Mun Young Choi pages 1090-1097
Ignitability of Fuel Spray K. Terashima, A. Suga, N. Kyotoku, H. Chuman, N. Tokuoka pages 1098-1105
Simulation of Soot Formation Behavior in Carbon Black Furnace S. Hayashi, T. Furuhata, Hideyuki Aoki, Takatoshi Miura, T. Kanai, M. Kurihara pages 1106-1113
Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Spray in High-Pressure Environment Y.D. Kwon, Y.W. Moon, Y.M. Kim, S.W. Kim pages 1114-1121
Two-Step Spray Aerosol Generator for Low Pressure Applications Yun Chan Kang, Seung Bin Park pages 1122-1129
Coagulation of Electrically Charged Liquid Aerosols A. Elgarayhi, Wamadeva BALACHANDRAN, C. Hudson pages 1130-1137
Medical Atomization Design for Inhalation Therapy Tim Corcoran, Adel Mansour, Norman Chigier pages 1138-1145
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