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Frequently Asked Questions


When was Begell Digital Library launched?

Begell Digital Library was launched in 2000.

What content is available on Begell Digital Library?

A. With Begell Digital Library you will have access to an extensive range of content dependent on your DL subscription: journal articles, conference proceedings, eBooks, references and databases.

How can I find Reference Works on Begell Digital Library?

Reference Works can be found here -

Are there any plans for adding new features for Begell Digital Library in the future?

Yes, Begell House continues the development and enhancement of the Digital Library.

Were librarians consulted about the site's design and functionality?

Yes, several librarians were consulted and at various times met with us to discuss and review BDL to ensure that this site was user friendly. We continue to have several librarians review our site to make sure that BDL is kept up-to-date with the present technology.


Does the site and its features work for all browsers?

Yes, the Begell House Digital Library web site supports the majority of the modern web browsers. It includes Internet Explorer (version 6.0 and higher), Opera (version 9.5 and higher), Google Chrome for Mac and Windows (version 3 and higher), Safari for Mac and Windows (version 3.4 and higher), FireFox for Mac, Windows and Linux (version 3.5 and higher).

Can Begell Digital Library be accessed through mobile devices?

Yes, the Begell Digital Library web site can be accessed through mobile devices. Begell House provides iPhone and iPad users with a special application ( to access the Digital Library. Since the spring of 2013, BDL is available on Android.

What content and functionality is free for all users?

All users are able to search full-text and read tables of content, article abstracts, chapter summaries, and journal homepage information for free. Each of our journals has a free sample issue which can be found by going to and then clicking on the PDF icon for the journal of your choice. Some new journals provide free access to the first volume of the journal. All users can register for free to sign up for email alerts to inform them when the next issue of the journal has been published or when there are any updates on a journal.

Does Begell Digital Library have Access Icons?

Yes, there is the Access Icon (, , etc.) indicating which content the user is entitled to access through their institutional license or free access.

What access methods does Begell Digital Library support?

Federated access, such as Shibboleth, is supported, IP-based authentification, access by Username and Password, SUSHI, Portico, and COUNTER.


Are usage reports available on Begell Digital Library?

Yes, usage reports are available for librarians on the "Librarians" page. Librarians can obtain COUNTER compliant reports and the Librarian page ( provides access to statistics for their complete subscriptions which include usage of ebooks and all reference databases.

What usage reports are available on Begell House Online Library?

The following reports are available

  • database visits;
  • journals downloads;
  • eBook downloads;
  • references and proceedings downloads;
  • COUNTER Journal Report 1 - Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal;
  • COUNTER Journal Report 2 - Turnaways by Month and Journal;

Is SUSHI supported?

Yes, Begell House supports SUSHI. Librarians and Consortia are provided with a special URL where they can obtain usage reports.

How regularly are usage reports updated?

The usage data is updated every month.

What ToC Alerts and Journal Updates are provided?

Registered Users for the ToC Alerts and Journal Updates will automatically receive early notification of the Table of Contents for the current journal issue being published and a monthly listing of the articles that have been accepted for publication.

What citation services are supported?

Users can export citations directly into EndNote, RefWorks and BibTeX.

How can I download exported citations in Begell Digital Library?

Click on the item "Add to Citation Manager" in the right bar on the article page, click on the "Download the citation ..." next to the appropriate citation manager icon. In the pop-up window choose a correct location and save the citation on your computer. Open the reference manager you used and import the citation.

Is reference linking available in Begell Digital Library?

Yes, reference linking is available to CrossRef, PubMed, as well as links to content within Begell Digital Library.

Search & Discoverability

Is Begell Digital Library enhanced for search engine discoverability?

Yes, search engine discoverability is fully supported with full-text crawling of content to deliver relevant and immediate results to users, including users coming to Begell Digital Library from Google, Google Scholar and other library discovery tools.

What type of search is available on Begell Digital Library?

Full-text searching is available through all product types. Search results can be sorted by various criteria.

Are MARC records available?

Yes, MARC records are available for Online Books. They can be downloaded from the fook description page.

Do articles and chapters have DOIs?

Yes, DOIs are available for all Begell Digital Library products, articles, issues and eBook chapters.

Where are Begell House journals indexed?

Begell House journals appear in CAB Abstracts, CAS, Chemical Abstracts, CINAHL Information Systems Compendex, Current Awareness in Biological Sciences, EBSCO, Embase, Engineering Index, Google Scholar, Inspec, MedLine, National Agricultural Library, Petroleum Abstracts, PubMed, Science Citation Index, Scopus, and Zentralblatt Math. You can download a current list from the website.

Does Begell House offer marketing support?

Yes, the Librarian Tab for Resources & Tools has an email template, flyers on the Begell Digital Library and each of the BioMedical and Engineering Collections.

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