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Catalog of Worldwide Nuclear Testing

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Catalog of Worldwide Nuclear Testing

V. N. Mikhailov
Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation, Sarov, Russia


The Catalog of Worldwide Nuclear Testing is the first ever complete compilation of all nuclear tests. Containing various vital information and data on all 2,049 nuclear tests conducted by the United States, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, France, and China (and the recent tests in India and Pakistan), the Catalog presents a uniform classification analysis of the five nuclear weapon states, including the dynamics, yield, and methods of testing. This unique volume has been compiled by a team of the best specialists of the Russian nuclear weapons establishment, headed by the former Minister of Atomic Energy of Russia, Victor Mikhailov, and including the following experts: I. A. Andryushin, A. K. Chernyshev, R. I. Ilkaev, A. M. Matushchenko, L. D. Ryabev, V. G. Srukov, N. P. Voloshin, and Yu. A. Yudin. Distributed by Begell House, Inc. for Begell-Atom, LLC.

129 pages, © 1999