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Mechanics of Liquids and Gases

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Mechanics of Liquids and Gases


This 6th augmented edition of the classic text incorporates significant advances towards the solution of the problems of the boundary layer theory, dynamics of viscous fluids and theory of turbulence. The result is to bring its contents closer to that of a textbook and, on the other hand, to update it by adding new present-day problems. As distinct from previous editions where only vector and tensor calculus formulas were given, the present edition provides a short background discussion on this area of mathematics. Newly written are three sections dealing with some general methods for numerical integration of differential equations and their application to Navier-Stokes viscous fluid dynamics equations. Extensive revision of the chapter on turbulence culminated in the appearance of a new chapter dealing specially with the techniques for calculating turbulent boundary layers. The book is intended for students, postgraduate students, engineers, and research workers specializing in the field of fluid mechanics.

971 pages, © 1995