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Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in an Insulated Trailing Swirl

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Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in an Insulated Trailing Swirl

V. A. Bubnov
Moscow Urban Pedagogical University, Moscow, Russia


The laws of convective heat and mass transfer in an insulated trailing swirl are experimentally and theoretically studied in this book. Based on experimental data on full-scale and laboratory vortices, the hydrodynamic structure of an insulated trailing swirl is found. The structure reflects the properties of both real hurricanes and flows in devices that operate using the principles of vortex flow. The book is intended for scientific workers and engineers working in the fields of hydrodynamics, thermal physics, power, and chemical engineering, and for postgraduate students.

174 pages, © 1998

Table of contents:

1 Experimentally Determined Properties of an Insulated Trailing Swirl (Single Vortex)
1.1 Atmospheric Vortex Formation
1.2 Laboratory Model of the Vortex
1.3 Energy States of the Vortex
2 Principles of Turbulent Motion
2.1 Problems of Closure of Equations for Turbulent Motion
2.2 Bernoulli's Integral in Turbulent Flows
2.3 Isoentropic Turbulent Flows
2.4 Relaxation of Turbulent Stresses and Heat Flow
3 Convective Heat Transfer in an Insulated Trailing Swirl (Single Vortex)
3.1 Effect of the Effective Viscosity on Flows in the Vortex
3.2 Interaction of the Vortex with the Bearing Surface
3.3 Heat-and-Mas Transfer in the Vortex
3.4 Reiner Effect
3.5 Vortex Appearance and Diffusion
4 Vortex Effect in Hydropneumatic Apparatuses
4.1 Vortex Chamber
4.2 Centrifugal Atomizer
4.3 Rank Effect
4.4 Vortex Element
4.5 Load-Lifting Vortex Device
Appendix On the Problem on Calculation of Inertial Forces in Hydrodynamic Motion