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Effect of Body Forces on Turbulent Heat Transfer Channels

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Effect of Body Forces on Turbulent Heat Transfer Channels

Jurgis Vilemas
Lithuanian Energy Institute, 3 Breslaujos str., LT-44403 Kaunas-35, Lithuania

Povilas Poskas
Lithuanian Energy Institute, Branduolines inzinerijos problemas laboratorija, Breslaujos str. 3, LT-44403 Kaunas, Lithuania


This monograph is devoted to the study of heat transfer and turbulent mixing in gas-cooled channels, considering the effects of body forces (natural and centrifugal forces). It presents the results of detailed measurements of hydrodynamic and thermal characteristics in a vertical tube with coincident directions of forced and free convection (aiding flows) at various heat loads, and also in curved tubes and coils. Numerical results for the characteristics of turbulent transport in mixed turbulent convection are reported. Experimental apparatus and investigation techniques are described. The results are correlated in the form of similarity relations suitable for practical application over a wide range of operating conditions and geometric parameters.

195 pages, © 1999

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Methods of Experimental Investigations and Predictive Analysis
2.1. Experimental Setup and Sections
2.2. Methods of Processing Experimental Heat Transfer Data
2.3. The Procedure of Determining Skin Friction
2.4. The Procedure of Measuring Turbulent Characteristics of the Flow
2.5. Numerical Methods for Mixed-Convection Turbulent Transport
3. Heat Transfer in Vertical Tubes with Aiding Flows
3.1. Specific Features of Heat Transfer
3.2. Turbulent Transport of Momentum and Heat
3.3 The Effect of Variability of Physical Properties of a Gas on Local Heat Transfer
3.4. Heat Transfer at Characteristic Points
3.5. The Generalization of Local Heat Transfer Data for Turbulent Inlet Flow
3.6. Heat Transfer on the Initial Hydrodynamic Section
4. Heat Transfer in Curved Channels
4.1. Specific Features of Flow in Curved Channels
4.2. Heat Transfer on Concave and Convex Walls of Helical Channels
4.3. Generalization of Local Heat Transfer Data
4.4. Comparison of Results for Local Heat Transfer
5. Heat Transfer and Friction Factor in Coils
5.1. Hydrodynamics and Local Shear Stresses on the Wall of a Tube Coil in Fully Developed Flow
5.2. Flow Hydrodynamics and Local Shearing Stresses on the Initial Hydrodynamic Section
5.3. Local Heat Transfer in Coils
5.4. The Influence of Variability of Physical Properties of a Gas on Heat Transfer in Coils
5.5. Generalization of the Data for Heat Transfer in Coils
6. Conclusions