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Progress in Plasma Processing of Materials, 1999

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S. Cavadias
Laboratoire Genie Precedes Plasmas - ENSCP 11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie - 75005 Paris- France

F. Genet
Laboratoire de Genie des Procedes Plasmas et Traitement de Surfaces Universite Pierre et Marie Curie - ENSCP 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75231 Paris Cedex 05 - France

Jacques Amouroux
Laboratoire de Genie des Precedes Plasmas Universite P. et M. Curie, ENSCP 11 rue P. et M. Curie 75005 Paris France


The purpose of this work is the modelling of the decomposition of tetrachlorocarbon and of the chemical trapping of fluorine in a spouted bed of CaO particles, by a 2D fluid dynamics code. The system is treated as a two phase chemically reactive flow in a reaction chamber where the plasma torch, operated with argon, is hooked-up with a 30° angle. The CCI4 introduced with the fluidisation gas is decomposed in the chamber and the species produced react with the particles of CaO forming CaCl2 and CO. In the first step are calculated the flow, and temperature fields by solving the conservation equations and the auxiliary relations describing the phenomena.. The particles of CaO are introduced in the chamber as a dispersed phase and their trajectory, temperature history and the different transfers are calculated. In the second step, where the chemical reactions are introduced, the two phase calculations are coupled and are performed until the solutions in both phases have stopped changing. This model allows the simulation of the flow and temperature field, the production of species and the reduction of CaO by the carbon. The resolution of equations was performed by the commercial CFD Fluent®.