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Flexible Automation and Integrated Manufacturing 1994

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Flexible Automation and Integrated Manufacturing 1994


The last decade has been characterized by global competitiveness and rapidly advancing technology in flexible automation, information management and integrated manufacturing. FAIM 94 focuses on state-of-the-art and future trends within the general area of flexible automation and integrated manufacturing. The FAIM conference series differs from many other conferences in that it presents an integrated picture of these related technologies, rather than focusing on one single technology.

Table of contents:

Conference Organization
Faim '94 Reviewers
Part I: CIM and Systems Design
A Knowledge-Based Approach to Benchmarking the Transition to Agile Manufacturing
Necessity for Change in Organizational Structures in Industry and Ways to the “Fractal Company”
Design and Control of Productive Manufacturing Systems
An MRP II Based Hybrid Production Planning System
Development of a Material Tracking Strategy for an Advanced Manufacturing System
Capacity Models for Integrated Equipment in Semiconductor Manufacturing
An Event Driven Information System for an Automated Shop Floor Control
Information Models for Control of a Flexible Manufacturing Cell
Modeling and Control of Information Flow in Manufacturing
Using a Decision Support System for Fine Tuning an Information Technology Infrastructure in a CIM Environment
Design and Development of a Computerized Database for Shop Floor Control Systems
Direct and Indirect Effects of an Automatic Data Capture System: A Holistic Approach
Shop Floor Data Capture for CIM in a Job Shop Environment
An Illustration of Object-Oriented Data Modeling with Some MRP-Related Entities
An Object-Oriented, Coordination-Based Simulation Model for the RAMP Flexible Manufacturing System
Object-Oriented Simulation for Manufacturing Control
Simulation in a Printed Circuit Board Shop
Manufacturing Process Improvement through the Application of the Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
A Methodology for Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of Alternate Business Practices on System Life Cycle Costs
A Financial Model for Set Up Reduction (SUR) Justification
A Procedural Approach for a Neural Network-Based Analysis of an Industrial Plant: An Automatic Bottling Line
Neural Networks and Composting Plants: An Innovative AI Method for System Design and Mangement
Development of a Two-Level Scheduling Prototype Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques for a “Systems” Company
A Finite Production Scheduling System Based on Fuzzy Logic
Temporal Analysis in an Information Model of Shop Floor Automation
Implementation of An Integrated Logistics Architecture in a Medium-Sized Company
The Use of Technology by Apparel Manufacturers
Integrated Workflow Modelling for Short-Term Production Planning Systems
Agile Manufacturing: Production Systems, Organizational Elements, and Performance Measurements
Part II: CAD/CAM and Concurrent Engineering
Facilitating the Role of the Knowledge Supplier in Customer Product Design
The Development of a Knowledge-Based Product Configurator
Knowledge-Based Srategies in Design for Automation
Cost, Quality, and Time-to-Market Evaluations for Discrete Products: Strategic Implications of Emerging Engineering Design Models
Contrasting Variational and Parametric Design Methodologies
The Importance of Information Transfer Between the Designer and Manufacturer
An Environment for the Implementation of Concurrent Engineering Based on Enterprise Modelling
The CONSENS Project: A Methodology and Integration Platform to Optimize Time, Quality and Cost in the Concurrent Product Development Process
SESAME: A System for Simultaneous Engineering
Managing Simultaneous Design Activities Using Shared Models
Planning of Setups in a Design for a Manufacturing Environment
IDAM: An Architecture for an Integrated DFM/DFA System
A Practical Approach to Designing for Maintainability
Integration of Computer-Aided Design and Shape-Based Classification and Coding: A Neural Networking Approach
Linking CAD to CAPP
Concurrent Engineering-Oriented Rapid Prototyping
A Framework for Concurrent Process Planning
Entropic Measurement of the Process Planning Flexibility
Tool Selection as a Step Towards a Solution to Automate Process Planning
Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Cellular Manufacturing Systems
Setting Up Disaggregated Manufacturing Cells in the Parts Manufacturing Plant
The Feasibility Study: The Key to Successful Flexible Manufacturing Cell Implementation
A Framework for the Coordination and Control of Flexible Manufacturing Cells
Part III: Quality/Quality Management
The Implementation of a Simultaneous Engineeering Expert System for Managing Total Quality
The Role of the Quality Function in a TQM Environment
Manufacturing Quality Related Costs
An Integrated Approach to Process Management
The Development of Variant Designs in ISO 9000 Certification
ISO 9000 and the Malcolm Baldrige Award: A Complementary Strategy for Total Quality Management Deployment
Knowledge-Based Systems for Quality Control and Monitoring
Techniques to Ensure the Quality of Ultra-High Precision Components on Machine Tools
Process Integrated Quality in Precision Forging
Total Quality in an Engineering Environment
Profit and Quality
Part IV: Manufacturing Automation
Programmable Controllability of Devices in Discrete Part Manufacturing
A Discrete Events Controller Based on Augmented Timed Petri Nets
The Role of Sensor Systems in Automated Manufacturing
A Low Cost Industrial Realtime Image Processing System for Measurement and Part Recognition
A Laser-Guided Mobile Robot for the Flexible Automation of the Small-Sized Company
Training a Neural Network to Learn the Inverse Kinematic Mapping of a Rhino Robot
Automatic Generation of Robot Control Software for Low-Volume Assembly in an Environment with Flexibility
Simulation Study of AGV and Job Dispatching Rules in a FMS
Manufacturing LAN Management: A Methodology for the Definition of Managed Objects
Radio Frequency Communication in Factory Automation
Feature-Based Automated Process Planning: A Key to Concurrent Design and Manufacturing
Use of an Expert System for High Quality Recycling of Production Rework in the Tire Industry
Part V: Processes and Systems
A Dynamic-b Model of Learning
Design and Analysis of a Flexible Hybrid Assembly System
Assembly Considerations in Axiomatic Design
A Study of the Overlap Factor under the Condition of Chatter Vibration in Lathe Turning
Design of a Knowledge-Based Expert System for the Selection of Tools in Turning Operations
Intelligent Processing of Materials
Modelling and Optimization of Tool Life in End Milling
A Representaional Schema for Manufacturing Entities
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of a Computer-Controlled Angle Tuning System
System Design and Task Assigning for a Flexible Assembly Line for Large Products
Designing a Production Control System for FMS
Continuous Product Quality Inspection of Rubber Tape on a High Speed Packing Machine
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