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Imaging in Transport Processes

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Imaging in Transport Processes


The 52 papers in this volume present approaches employed by laboratories around the world to make visible some very complex, multivariable and multi-dimensional problems in engineering and medicine. These range from simple tracer techniques through thermography, optical visualization, infrared and ultrasound techniques to highly-sophisticated 3-D tomographic imaging modalities such as optical CT, cine-CT, MRI, PET and others. The problems range from single phase natural convection to two-phase flows and interfacial transport, phase change and combustion, and metabolic transport in physiological, particularly human, systems.

621 pages, © 1993

Table of contents:

Organizing Committee
List of Contributors
Imaging and Visualization of Dynamic Fields
1. Volumetric Visualization Techniques For Fluid Mechanics
2. Imaging and Analysis of Dynamic Fields
3. Rigid and Non-Rigid Motion in Analysis of Time Varying Imagery
Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer Visualization
4. Observation of Heat and Mass Transfer in Liquids by Means of Optical Tomography
5. Imaging of Transient Fluid Flow and Thermal Phenomena in Communicating Channels
6. Flow Visualization and Measurement of Concentration Fields in Gases by Optical Tomography
7. Computer–Aided Visualization of the Local Void Fraction Distribution in a Gas–Solid Fluidized Bed
8. Flow Visualization and Convective Heat Transfer Measurements by Means of Infrared Thermography
9. Visualization of Natural Convection Heat Transfer from a Horizontal Cylinder Between Two Vertical Plates
10. Amenity Prediction System for Air-Conditioning Space by Numerical Simulation and Computer Graphics
11. Steady State Mole Fraction Distribution of a Slow Jet Forming Stably Stratified Field
12. Ultrasound Imaging and Fourier Analysis of a Velocity Field
Visualization by Thermography and Liquid Crystals
13. A Non-Intrusive Computer Automated Method for Temperature and Velocity Evaluation Based on Thermochromic Liquid Crystals
14. Heat and Mass Transfer in Falling Films
15. Visualization of Laminar Natural Convection in Romb–Shaped Enclosures by Means of Liquid Crystals
16. An Image Processing Technique for the Analysis of Thermotic Distributions Utilizing Liquid Crystals
17. Image Processing of Flow Patterns in Rotating Drums with Inner Surface Heating Using Liquid Crystal
Image Processing and Transport Visualization at Interfaces
18. Field Measurements of Velocity and Temperature by Digital Signal Processing
19. Full Field Flow Diffusion Measurements by Digital Image Processing
20. Digital Image Processing of Laser Light Sheet Visualizations: A Method to Characterize Nonuniformity of Two Phase Flows
21. Imaging of Gas Transfer Across Gas-Liquid Interfaces
22. Image Sequence Analysis of Ocean Wind Waves
23. Shape from Shading Techniques for Short Ocean Wind Waves
24. Measurement of Two–Phase Interfacial Drag in Stratified Flow with Pulsed Laser Velocimetry
Image Processing by Particle Tracking
25. Quantitative Imaging of Transport in Fluids with Digital Particle Tracking Velocimetry
26. Comparison Between Particle Image Velocimetry and Laser–Doppler Anemometry Velocity Measurement in a Convective Boundary Layer
27. High Speed Algorithm of 2D and 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry Based on Binary Correlation Method
28. Three-Dimensional Particle Tracing Velocimetry Based on Stereo–Pair Matching and Binary Correlation Method
29. Quantitative Visualization of Velocity Distributions in Multi-Phase Flow
30. Image Processing in Gas–Liquid–Particle Mixing Flow
Imaging of Phase Change
31. Use of Image Processing to Study an Evaporating Extended R113 Meniscus
32. Coupled Map Lattice Model for Boiling
33. Measurement of Direct-Contact Condensation of Saturated Vapor on Subcooled Droplets by Pulsed Laser Holography
34. Cooling and Freezing Behaviors of an Aqueous Sodium Chloride Solution Through a Micro Porous Film
35. Image Processing Measurement of Heat Transfer from a Sphere Immersed in Air–Water Two–Phase Flow with a Bubbling Jet
36. Melting Process by Flash Heating: External Deformation of a Fine Polymer Particle by Steady Radiant Light
Imaging and Analysis of Combustion
37. Analysis and Control of Combustion Processes
38. Flame Characteristics in a Small DI Diesel Engine Equipped with Transparent Piston
39. Imaging of Spray and Flame in Reciprocating Engines
40. Quantitative Determination of Flame Colors Based on CIE 1931 Standard Colorimetric System
41. Combined Focused Shadow and Computerized Tomographic Analysis of a Spray Impinging on a Flat End of a Round Stick
Analysis, Imaging and Visualization in Physiological Systems
42. A Multisubstrate Blood–Tissue Exchange Model for the Analysis of Transients in Cardiac Tracer
43. Quantitative Characterization of Contact Guidance in Reconstituted Collagen Gels by Computer–Assisted Three Dimensional Cell Tracking
44. Echocardiogram Image Analysis with Neural Networks
45. Evaluation of Myocardial Perfusion by Contrast Echocardiography
46. Real–Time Non–Invasive Assessment of Flow Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
47. Algorithms for the Measurement of Myocardial and Lung Parenchymal Blood Flow via Cine X-Ray Computed Tomography
48. Near–Infrared Imaging In Vivo
49. Light Propagation in Tissues and Monte Carlo Simulation of Time–Resolved Optical–CT Imaging
50. Measurement of Regional Physiologic Processes in the Human Heart Using Positron Emission Tomography
51. Monte Carlo Techniques in Positron Emission Tomography Imaging
52. Features Extraction from Potential Maps