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Nonlinear Wave Mechanics and Technologies

ISBN Print: 978-1-56700-305-5

ISBN Online: 978-1-56700-346-8

Rivner F. Ganiev Institute of Machine Science named after A. A. Blagonravov, Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, Russia
Leonid E. Ukrainskiy Institute of Machine Science named after A. A. Blagonravov, Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, Russia

This book is devoted to a systematic statement of the foundations of nonlinear wave mechanics - a new branch of mechanics, which is a scientific basis for wave technologies, having no analogues in world practice.
The results of application of wave technologies in most cases cannot be obtained in practice by the methods known at present, concerning the quality of the materials and products, the power inputs (a high quality of the products obtained using wave technologies is achieved at a significant reduction of power inputs), and other indicators.
Necessity to implement the wave of technologies in practice has led to the development of a new area of mechanical engineering - a wave engineering.
The main results (non-classical formulations of the problems, methods of investigation, new relationships of wave and oscillating processes in multiphase systems, wave mechanisms of motions and of stabilization, wave and oscillating phenomena and effects), presented in details in this book, show quite conclusively, that a number of wave phenomena and effects can hardly be obtained (even using the most ultimate modern supercomputers) without successful preliminary analytical procedure of establishment of the modes of motion. Here, analytics provides a clear understanding of physics and mechanics of nonlinear wave phenomena. These moments are likely to be taken as a rather natural approach by physicists and engineers delved into complex nonlinear wave and oscillating processes, especially at the conditions of nonlinear resonances. Certainly, in order to solve successfully such complex problems, it is necessary to reveal a certain art while formulating the problems on mechanics, based on the experience of work in the field of nonlinear oscillations and practical observations over oscillating and wave processes.

580 pages, © 2012

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