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Progress in Plasma Processing of Materials 2003

ISBN Print: 1-56700-192-0

Pierre Fauchais Laboratoire Sciences des Procedes Ceramiques et de Traitements de Surface UMR CNRS 6638 University of Limoges 123 avenue Albert Thomas, 87060 LIMOGES - France

The specific topics of TPP7 were related to plasma processes using d.c. arcs and torches, RF, corona and low pressure discharges. The symposium dealt with the torch designs, diagnostic techniques, process modeling and possible on-line controls. It also tackled the efficiency of the chemical routes induced by the species produced in plasmas. In addition, a large part of the papers examined the industrial and developing applications of plasma processes. The presentations have examined the use of plasma technology for sterilization and biomedical applications, lighting efficiency for buildings and cars, treatment of hazardous wastes, metallurgical applications, surface treatment of polymers, plasma spraying of thick coatings, deposition of thin coatings especially for photovoltaic silicon and hard coatings (diamond, nitrides…), manufacturing of Solid Oxy Fuel Cells.

802 pages, © 2003

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