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CIA Station D-Area 51

ISBN Print: 978-1-56700-492-2

ISBN Online: 978-1-56700-493-9

Thornton D. "TD" Barnes Startel, Inc.

This is the first true story that uncovers Area 51 from a CIA insider's point of view. The veteran of Area 51 tells on the challenges, sacrifices, and accomplishments of those serving at Area 51. The CIA's recent declassification of secret documents have identified the CIA facility as Station D - Area 51, the most secretive and a power projection venue for testing secret, high-flying spy planes, developing stealth technology, conducting aerial reconnaissance, and exploiting acquired US adversaries' military assets.
Giving particular details on the CIA's stealth-designed Mach 3 A-12 Blackbird aircraft, the highest flying and fastest manned, air-breathing plane ever, flying 2850 secret sorties out of Area 51. Area 51 was the genesis for the Navy’s Top Gun Weapons School and the Air Force's Red Flag Exercises.
The book includes a considerable amount of new material that no one, particularly in the United States, knows; some that even the Agency today had no idea went on. For the first time, the book details how the CIA set Area 51 up as a global operation: not only the creation and test-flying U-2 planes for placement in Europe, Turkey, and Japan, as well as flying 29 A-12 spy missions over Vietnam, North Korea and more - telling how the CIA ran Area 51 as a worldwide spy.
It primarily discusses the CIA's struggles and challenges while creating the Area 51 flight test facility in the ZI with global reach and pioneering stealth technology and exploiting enemy aerial assets.
590 pages, © 2021

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