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Серия Contemporary Perspectives in Emerging Technologies
Серия Thermal & Fluid Physics & Engineering

Begell eBook Platform

Begell eBook Platform provides access to over 130 recent and classic titles going back to 1990s and are comprised of several eBook collections that totally exceed 70,000 technical peer-reviewed pages. eBooks can be retrieved through individual chapters as a PDF file, can provide MARC records and also does not apply DRM technology.

Begell eBook Platform subjects and areas of coverage:

  • Advancements in energy and environment
  • Aerospace and aerodynamics
  • Chemical and petroleum industrial plans, generic applications and technologies
  • Computations, modeling and practical designs for engineering disciplines
  • Extensive data on thermophysical properties of materials, individual substances and mixtures
  • Hydraulics, nuclear power plants and nuclear reactors modeling, practical designs and accident management
  • Micro and nano mechanics, energy transfer, processes and technologies: fundamentals and applications
  • Physics of fluids, thermal sciences, heat and mass transfer: theoretical and applied
  • Supersonic and hypersonic aerodynamics: theoretical and applied