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Proceedings of an International Conference on Mitigation of Heat Exchanger Fouling and Its Economic and Environmental Implications

ISBN Print: 1-56700-172-6

Formation and Removal Processes of CaC03 Fouling


Fouling and its removal of CaC03 on heated surface was studied with the micro video technology. The rates of nucleating and nuclei growing were measured under various experimental conditions. The experimental results showed that both nucleating and growing rates of CaC03 increased obviously with concentration of reagents. In addition, the experiment of fouling induction period on the surface material of chemical plated niche-phosphorus-polytetrafluoroethylene indicates that not only the nucleate rate of CaC03 decreased but also the formed fouling layer was easy to peel off from the heated surface under shearing stress, which means that the property of surface material is one of the most important factors influencing fouling induction periods.
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