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Advances in Molten Salts

ISBN Print: 1-56700-142-4

Electrical conductivity of the acetamide-acetate salt melts


Specific conductivity of molten mixtures of acetamide with following acetate salts was measured at 83 ± 0.1°C : a) acetamide - anhydrous sodium acetate (up to 0.051 mole fraction), b) acetamide - sodium acetate trihydrate (entire concentration range) and c) acetamide - zinc acetate dihydrate ( up to 0.24 mole fraction). Selected composition of all three mixtures, with low melting points were chosen for the studies of the changes of conductance with temperature. The mixtures with sodium acetate both anhydrous and hydrated showed fairly high specific conductivity (≈10-2 S/cm), nearly two orders of magnitude higher than the mixture with hydrated zinc acetate. Molar conductivity was also calculated. The results were discussed in terms of acetamide-salt-water interactions. Attempts were made to calculate the degree of dissociation of the salts in molten acetamide. The results were compared with the data obtained from earlier thermochemical studies of the same melt systems.
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