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Progress in Plasma Processing of Materials, 2001

ISBN Print: 1-56700-165-3



The main goals are the calculation of an optimal degree of a plasma jet loading and investigation of heat exchange in a dusted jet. Evaporation of particles is calculated in this report. Interaction between particles and screening one group of particles with other group are investigated in this one.
The subject of inquiry is a jet of RF horizontal plasma torch. Power of the plasma jet is 25−26 kW, frequency is 5.28 MHz, inside diameter of plasma torch is 54 mm, plasma gas is air, gas flow rate is 80 1/min. Powders for investigation are SiO2, Si, MgO (Ø 50−500 µm).
The procedure includes joint calculation of a balance energy equation and an equation of particles movement and heating in plasma jet. This procedure is based on the method of velocity and heating calculation of single solid particle in plasma jet, which gives results such as experimental data. In present report this method is adapted to dusted jet of RF plasma torch.
As a result we have calculated optimal degree of the plasma jet loading, which give possibility to process particles effectively. We have taken into account in our calculation evaporation and interaction between particles.
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