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Energy and Environment, 1995

ISBN Print: 1-56700-052-5



The benefits of oxy-fuel combustion are discussed with emphasis on energy savings and emissions (mainly NOx, SOx and C02) reductions. Praxair, Inc. has developed a series of patented, field-tested oxy-fuel burner systems through years of worldwide R&D effort. Since the early 1980's, Praxair's oxy-fuel combustion technology has found wide applications in the steel industry, glass furnaces, waste/hazardous waste incineration, and cement kilns, etc. Energy savings of 40-60% in steel reheating furnaces, a combination of 30-40% fuel savings and 50-90% NOx reduction in glass furnaces, are among the limits that have been achieved in industrial scale operation using Praxair's oxy-fuel combustion technology. From overall energy savings standpoints, a substantial amount of energy still can be saved when taking into account the energy required for oxygen manufacturing.
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