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Energy and Environment, 1995

ISBN Print: 1-56700-052-5



Plate heat exchangers are compact, efficient, and economical to manufacture, and can be used in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, and the cooling of hydraulic fluids. There are different types of such heat exchangers available in the market but there is not much detailed information about their performance available in the open literature mainly due to the proprietary nature of the technology. Therefore, in this paper technical information about a special type of such heat exchangers (which are manufactured by brazing the heat exchanger plates together) are provided. Background information on their manufacturing process, performance data and two specific applications in water-chillers and hydraulic presses are also included. It is shown that brazed-plate heat exchangers have advantages over conventional shell-and-tube heat exchangers when heat transfer and size are concerned but they lag behind from a pressure drop point of view.
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