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Flexible Automation and Integrated Manufacturing 1999

ISBN Print: 978-1-56700-133-4



This work describes a framework and tools for efficiently developing or selecting effective manufacturing execution system (MES) products for manufacturing and warehouse environments. Design steps include new tools for scoping the project, identifying user requirements, design, selection of specific MES technologies, testing the system, and implementation. The tools are designed to work in conjunction with the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Systems Architecture. The Framework is a logical structure for classifying and organizing the descriptive representations of an enterprise information system as it proceeds through various design and development steps. Unlike other modeling approaches or tools which only address certain portions of the design process, the Zachman Framework recognizes the need for the design team to address design considerations for all components of the MES including computer architectures, functionality, and data. Examples of the tools are presented showing their application to various MES implementations including wireless shop floor tracking and warehouse material tracking.
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