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Heat Transfer & Transport Phenomena in Microscale

ISBN Print: 1-56700-150-5



The Boltzmann Transport Equation (BTE) for phonons best describes the heat flow in solid nonmetallic thin films. The BTE, in its most general form, however, is difficult to solve analytically or even numerically using deterministic approaches. Past research has enabled its solution by neglecting important effects such as dispersion and interactions between the longitudinal and transverse polarizations of phonon propagation. In this article, a comprehensive Monte Carlo solution technique of the BTE is presented. The method accounts for dual polarizations of phonon propagation, and non-linear dispersion relationships. Scattering by various mechanisms is treated individually. Transition between the two polarization branches, and creation and destruction of phonons due to scattering is taken into account. Validation results show close agreement with experimental data for silicon thin films with and without doping.
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