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Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing, 1997:
Proceedings of the Seventh International FAIM Conference

ISBN Print: 978-1-56700-089-4

ISBN Online: 978-1-56700-442-7



The UK construction industry is going through a major re-appraisal with the objective of reducing construction cost by at least 30% by the end of this millennium. Prefabication and off-site construction are set to play a major role in improving construction productivity, reducing cost and improving working conditions. In a survey of current practices of the prefabrication industry by the authors, it was concluded that the industry is far behind other manufacturing-based industries. It is suggested that some form of systematic approach to presenting and processing information is needed, using a computer-aided approach. The objective of this research is to develop an integrated intelligent computer-based manufacturing information system for the precast concrete industry. The system should facilitate; the integration of design and manufacturing operations; automation of production schedules directly from design data and factory attributes and generation of erection schedules from site information, factory attributes and design data. It is hypothised that the introduction of such a system would reduce the total cost of precasting by 10% and encourage clients to choose the precast solution.
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