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1st World Congress of Young Scientists on Hydrogen Energy Systems

ISBN Print: 1-56700-230-7



The realisation of energy systems that do not consume resources and do not produce waste is the new challenge of energy research. This kind of energy systems are to be based on what we call Closed cycles of energy resources.
The realisation of Closed cycles of resources can be achieved in the energy sector by exploiting renewable resources and structurally integrating energy vectors in the energy system. The inclusion of energy vectors (to be produced from several primary resources) in the energy system chain becomes the key concept of the development model. In this new scenario, the opportunity of using hydrogen shows all its interest. Hydrogen, electricity and the other energy vectors, in a large scale application, would allow to satisfy all the final uses of energy that human society needs for its social and economical development.
Energy vectors like electricity, heat exchanging fluids, and "producible" fuels – as hydrogen – are the key for entering a new energy era. What many call "hydrogen era" is in effect "the era of energy vectors".
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