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Advances in Heat Transfer Engineering

ISBN Print: 1-56700-198-1



An exceptional attention all over the world is paid to the rational utilization of the energetical resources. At present, the utilization of the alternative or renewing energetical sources is especially urgent. One of the greatest (though seasonal) categories of energy consumers are the building heating systems. The building's thermal losses are diminished with the use of the passive means, i.e. by improving the building's fence constructions (by increasing their thermal resistivity) and by applying the improved heat mode control systems. Besides, the heating systems with heat pumps are erected that include the external heat sources of low potentiality (growed, air etc.) are arranged. The heat that escapes the heated building, i.e. that is evolved from fences into the environment, is also a kind of heat source of low potentiality. When the external fences are supplied with heat collectors in order to collect the heat of low potentiality evolving from the building, the heal losses into the environment gel minimized. Avoiding of any losses is also possible; in the limited case the building would become adiabatic. The heat of low potentiality collected from the fences could be directed back to the building with the help of the heat pump. The theoretical fundamentals of such a type of construction are presented in the given article.
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