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Scientific Principles of Drying Technology

ISBN Print: 978-1-56700-236-2

ISBN Online: 978-1-56700-476-2

Drying is among the most commonly used, complex, important and energy-consuming processes. In all industrial branches and agriculture, tens of thousands of diverse products is unrealistic and uneconomical. Therefore, standard driers, which are fairly efficient within a large group of materials are being designed and used. Classification of wet materials, proposed by A.V. Luikov into three groups: capillary-porous, colloidal, and colloidal capillary-porous is very important as is drying with account for the energy of moisture binding to the classification of the materials to be dried. The authors are concerned here on examining the scientific principles of designing highly efficient standard driers. The book is of interest and is recommended to both academic and industrial readers. The Table of Contents for this book is as follows: Part I, Scientific Principles of Development of Efficient Drying Devices and Rational Drying Method (Chapter 1 Drying Statics and Kinetics; Chapter 2 Comprehensive Analysis of Materials as Drying Objects; Chapter 3 Hydrodynamics of Drying Devices, Chapter 4 Heat and Mass Transfer in Drying; and Chapter 5 Mathematical Models of Drying Devices with Suspension Bed of Dispersed Material), Part II Selection and Computation of Driers and Drying Units (Chapter 6 Principles of Selection of Rational Drying Method and Type of Drier; Chapter 7 Dust Removal; Chapter 8 Calculation of Drying Devices; and Chapter 9 Selection and Calculation of Dust Collectors), and Part III Exergy Analysis of Operation of Drying Devices (Chapter 10 Calculation of Exergy of Heat Carriers; Chapter 11 Calculation of Exergy Indices of Operation of Drying Devices; Chapter 12 Analysis of Operating Efficiency of Drying Equipment Using Exergy Methods; and Chapter 13 Methods of Reducing Energy Losses and Optimizing Operating Conditions in the Drying Device.

509 pages, © 2007


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