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Physical Mechanics Laboratory Workshops

ISBN Print: 978-1-56700-310-9

ISBN Online: 978-1-56700-291-1

Eduard Son Joint Institute for High Temperature RAS

Physical Mechanics represents a part of fluid mechanics and plasma, which focuses on the physical principles of mechanics at high temperatures and pressures. The flow of liquids, gases and plasma is described by a continuum in which at high temperatures new phenomena and processes arise – chemical reactions, plasma which consists of electrons, positive and negative charged ions, which lead to the possibility of electric currents and the appearance of conductivity, absorption of electromagnetic waves, influence of magnetic and electrical fields to gas or plasma flow and radiation becomes significant. Education in the field of fluid dynamics especially at high temperatures impossible without experimental research. The tools used for gas and liquids flow nowdays are essentially modified due to achievements in Experimental Fluid Dynamics. In this part of Physical Mechanics the laboratory workshops for students of BS level from 2 to 4th year of teaching are presented. They start from simple workshops for students of 2nd year and finish complex research for 4th year students. The field of Laboratory Workshops cover compressible Fluid Dynamics, shock waves, steady flows, laminar and turbulent flows, Boundary Layer problems, Hydrodynamic Instabilities, Nonequiolibrium flows, study of Gas Dynamic Lasers, Research of Thermodynamics and Transport properties of dense gas and plasma, turbulent flows, combustions and detonation, radiative phenomena study, Multiphase flows, Electron Beam plasma, Glow and Arc Discharges, Plasmatrones and others. The different spectrum of experimental tools are used in the Laboratory workshops starting from classical Pitot pipe, Thermocouples to modern Laser Doppler Velicimeters, PIV, Thermovision and other devices, The Laboratory Workshop will be useful for students. Professors and research staff working in the field of High Temperature Fluid Dynamics and related subjects. The Laboratory Workshop in Physical Mechanics was developed and continue developing at the Department of Physical Mechanics at the Aerophysics and Space Research School of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) for the Bachelor Degree "Applied Mathematics and Physics." A full course of Physical Mechanics includes theoretical course, seminars, laboratory workshop and mathematical numerical simulation, which consists of 3 volumes, publishing by Begell House.


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