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Nanoscience and Technology: An International Journal
Главный редактор: Sergey A. Lurie
Executive Secretary: Yulia N. Karnet

ISSN Print: 2572-4258

ISSN Online: 2572-4266

Eigenfactor: 0.00046 JCI: 0.13 SJR: 1.031 SNIP: 1.613 CiteScore™:: 5.1 H-Index: 11

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О журнале

Nanoscience and Technology: An International Journal disseminates information of permanent interest in the area of Nano- and Micro- mechanics. Topic areas include, but are not limited to: pressure and shear driven flows, nano- and microchannel Newtonian and Non-Newtonian viscous, free and slip flows, nano- and micro- bubbles and suspensions in flows, hydrofobic liquids, thermal creep, electric double layers, electrokinetics, electroforetic phenomena, electro hydrodynamics, nano structured, nanocomposite, nanopore materials and material science, modeling by MD, Monte-Carlo, including Quantum MC and their application to mesosystems, quantum, transition and classical approaches to the equation of state and transport phenomena, surface and other thermophysical properties of mesoscale materials with application of nanomechanics of solid and liquid materials to technology and engineering, nanomechanics of structured, nonuniform, and heterogeneous media with complex rheological properties and phase changes: thermodynamics, physical and chemical mechanics and micromechanics of composite materials; properties of fiber, matrix and interphase layers, interfacial effects; numerical methods in the mechanics of heterogeneous media and nanocomposite materials, computer modeling of composite material behavior; diagnostics, damage accumulation, strength, stiffness, service life and fracture mechanics of nanocomposites; osite structure analysis methods; static and dynamic problems; environmental interaction; smart materials and structures; natural and biocomposites, experimental study of nanocomposites and nanocomposite structures; problems of nanocomposite materials processing. Contributions to the journal consist of research on nano- and micro- flows and thermal energy transfer in equipment, thermal systems, and applied thermodynamic processes in the nano- and micro- fields of mechanical engineering and related industries. Theory and fundamental research in fluids and solids in nano – field are appropriate for the journal, as work on mass, charge and energy transfer in all kinds of applied problems with long-term, archival goals.
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