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Neuropathological Diseases
Главный редактор: Tullio Giraldi

ISSN Print: 2160-2468

ISSN Online: 2160-2476

О журнале

The aim of this journal is to provide a periodical publication acting as an effective vehicle for collecting and transferring to the widest audience recent and updated information regarding the role which is played by psychological factors, through the mediation of the functions of the central and autonomic nervous system and of the neuro-endocrine network, in pathology and therapeutics.
A large body of evidence obtained through rigorous experimental and clinical research has accumulated, and continues to grow, showing that the natural history of many somatic diseases, as well as their susceptibility to successful treatment and healing, displays a significant contribution played by the immune system, and by the modulation of its functions via the central and peripheral nervous system and endocrine responses. Recent results also indicate that personal genetic constitution and polymorphism may determine individual susceptibility to diseases and healing, alone or in combination with subjective experience of life events, by means of a gene-environment interaction.
This picture of multiple mechanisms, each related to each other in a non-linear relationship, indicates the risk of the application of mechanistic and reductionistic approaches to analyze these complex phenomena, and indicates the need of the consideration of approaches methodologically adequate to deal with these complex systems.
This journal publishes the main presentations and expert opinions of selected congresses and workshop in regular and special issue in the series. The authors of the articles (and workshop participants) are chosen from a small number of basic scientists and clinical investigators. As a result, each issue of the journal will deal with a particular subject. The manuscripts are reviewed in the usual manner by guest editors and by the series Editors. The special issue will be published no later than three months after final review by the series Editors. A major goal of the journal is to attain further integration of the various presentations and discussion topics.
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