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Pesticides, People and Nature

ISSN Print: 1520-9350

Том 2, 2000

Pesticides, People and Nature

Editors-in-Chief: David J. McGarvey, Hale Vandermer

О журнале

The Rachel Carson Council, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering our understanding of and sensitivity to the environment. The Council was born out of the response to the publication of Silent Spring, and the great public need to address questions and concerns about the impact of pesticides on people and the environment. It is this public need for scientific information and sound advice that has evolved into the mission for the Rachel Carson Council, and Pesticides, People and Nature is another extension of the Council's commitment to meet this need. Many fields of scientific study contribute to our understanding of the environment, and a mature appreciation and understanding of the environment cannot be gained without considerable intimate contact with a wide range of personal environmental experience. The journal is concerned with communicating a better understanding of the environment, especially with respect to the impact of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Therefore, the journal will seek articles from the traditional scientific fields of toxicology, biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, environmental sciences, public health, etc.; but the journal will also accept articles of high quality from any of those areas of human experience that add to our understanding of and sensitivity to the environment. Pesticides, People and Nature will consider for publication monographs from symposia, workshops, conferences, or the complete proceedings of these events, and unsolicited manuscripts describing reviews of current research or original scientific research. Articles describing ideas, opinions, or arguments based on solid scientific observation or evidence will also be considered. These materials will always be published in a balanced format, so that more than one position regarding an idea, opinion, or argument will be presented in the same issue. In addition to scientific articles, the journal may include accounts of recent events and environmental news