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Journal of Radio Electronics
Editor-in-Chief: Yury Gulyaev

ISSN Print: 2165-8439

О журнале

Journal of Radio Electronics (JRE) consists of translated articles from the Russian publication of JRE that is published by the Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. JRE is included in the Russian Index of Scientific Citations.

The aims of JRE are to advance research, practice and increase scientific discussion, and enhance the exchange of views on actual scientific problems that are within the scope of the journal.

JRE publishes original papers and educational articles that are of general value in the field of radio electronics. All articles convey original unpublished results and reviews of actual problems in the field of radio electronics. The emerging areas that are of particular interest to the journal are radio engineering, propagation of radio waves, physical problems of electronics, solid-body electronics, electrodynamics, biomedical radio electronics, mathematical methods in the problems of radio electronics, nonlinear wave dynamics in radio electronics, information methods of radiolocation and elemental basis, interoperability in information systems, and allied problems of radio electronics.

The journal is intended to be of interest and use to researchers and practitioners in academic, governmental, and industrial communities.
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