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Visualization of Mechanical Processes: An International Online Journal

ISSN Online: 2152-209X

О журнале

Visualization of Mechanical Processes is a quarterly online international journal that was established by the Central Aero‐Hydrodynamic Institute of Russia (TsAGI), the Asian Society of Visualization (ASV) and Begell House Publishers. The journal will cover a wide range of experimental and computational articles in the field of visualization, which covers all areas of engineering and science. The fields may include topics related to academic interest in aeronautics, astronautics, combustion, optical measurement, multiphase flow, heat transfer, turbulent flow, acoustics, flow control, safety management technology, turbo machinery, hydraulics, ocean and wind engineering, visual information, nano and micro fluids and more.
      The main purpose of the journal is to publish articles with visual‐digitized experimental and computational data which will demonstrate facts to assist in understanding the presented information. Each article submitted will not have been published elsewhere nor simultaneously submitted for publication somewhere else.
      The following types of articles will be accepted for publication in the journal:
      Portfolio: All publications shall be consistent and have high quality experimental visualization illustrations with minimum comments about method and conditions in which the results were received.
      Review: Different reviews on the journal subjects are accepted if they contain a sufficient amount of illustrated information.
      Original: Original publications on the subjects of visualization are accepted if they contain a sufficient amount of illustrated information.
Because the journal focuses on publishing visual experimental and computational data, a limit of 35 Mb per article has been estimated for an average article. However, articles with larger illustrations will be considered for publication and if accepted the editorial staff will void the current file size restrictions.
Articles should be submitted through the Begell House Online Submission site by registering on the website (http://submission.begellhouse.com). Author Instructions and Templates for paper submission are available on the website http://www.begellhouse.com/forauthors/journals/08456987543b9011.html.
Each article will receive at least two anonymous reviews.
"Visualization of Mechanical Processes" publishes what can't be visualized on paper!
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